Top 5 Reasons To Motivate You to Apply For Free Boiler Grants

Top 5 Reasons To Motivate You to Apply For Free Boiler Grants

In this article, we’ll share our top 5 reasons to motivate you to apply for a free boiler grant.

If you think a new free boiler isn’t worth your time, then we promise you’ll change your mind after you’re done reading through. 

First, you need to make sure you qualify for a free boiler grant. Your boiler must be 7 years old, you must be the owner of your home, and you must receive at least one qualifying government benefit.

Benefits of Applying for a Free Boiler Grant 

Here are the top benefits of applying for a free boiler grant.

1. Eliminates Replacement Cost

Buying a new boiler yourself could cost you thousands, including the installation cost too. This is a significant expense, and applying when you could get a grant for free, is a very obvious no-brainer.

However, in some instances you could be required to make a small contribution to the cost, so it is not always 100% free, but nonetheless would still bring you a significant saving overall on the cost of a new boiler.

2. Increase Monthly Savings

Older boilers are far less efficient and therefore will usually require more energy to heat a home than a newer inefficient boiler. If you get an A-star energy-rated boiler via this scheme, you’ll greatly reduce your energy costs.

New boilers shouldn’t need repairs for some time, can be insured for a small cost, and work very efficiently to reduce your overall heating costs.

3. Reduces Maintenance Cost

Boilers, like all things, have certain lifespans. They will need regular servicing or maintenance, and this is particularly important when a boiler is of a certain age, such as over the 7-year mark. This can prove to be expensive over time.

With the brand new unit, you get to reduce all the costs involved because you’re getting a brand new, modern boiler that should work perfectly well and will be covered initially under your warranty. The reduction in maintenance costs or reduced likelihood of needing spare parts will be beneficial to your pocket.

4. Reduces Emissions

Household boilers are fossil-fuel boilers that emit harmful emissions. Anything other than a modern boiler won’t be particularly environmentally friendly, and will be contributing to the volume of greenhouse gases generated by households.

Older boilers will have poor energy ratings, so your heating bills will be higher. With a free boiler grant and a new boiler, you’ll enjoy much more energy efficient heating that will reduce the costs of heating your home but also your overall carbon footprint. 

5. Boosts Efficiency

Boilers that are 7 years old tend to only operate at a much lower efficiency level, sometimes as low as 65%. This means that your inefficient boiler will probably take much longer to heat your home and your water, and may not retain the heat as well as the newer models.

Your new boiler will operate at a much better efficiency level, usually greater than 90%. The new insulating technology enables the new boiler to retain the heat for much longer.

Apply today

Do you meet all these requirements? Don’t you want to enjoy these benefits of a new boiler? Then, what are you waiting for?

All you need to do to sign up is to go to the free boiler site, enter your postcode, and add a few details to apply for the free boiler grant. Sign-up to see if you can qualify for a free boiler now!