Why should you apply for free government boiler grants to replace your old boiler?

Why Apply for Free Government Boiler Grants To Replace Your Old Inefficient Boiler?

The first Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme set up  in 2013 helped tens of thousands of households in upgrading their boilers. It was supposed to end in 2015, but an increased demand called for a second extension phase of ECO2. 

Many households are still in need of this initiative, which is why the ECO3 scheme was reactivated. It’s expected to continue till March 2022, so there’s a reason to move fast. So if you’re wondering why apply for free government boiler grants, and replace your old inefficient boiler? Read on.

The Benefits of Applying for a Free Boiler Grant Scheme

You’d get a bunch of perks once you apply for the free boiler grant. The paperwork isn’t too complicated, and there’s a very good chance that you’re eligible for this scheme. Here are some of the benefits you’d get from the Affordable Warmth Obligation.    

A New Reliable Boiler 

Any heating devices in the home such as a boiler will naturally deteriorate over time. Its performance suffers, and if left unmaintained, its safety could be compromised as well. 

Boilers that have been in use for over seven years often are inefficient and need replacement. Repairs might not be sufficient to bring them back to an efficient and workable condition. It’s best then to install an A-rated boiler that’s far more reliable. 

Significant Savings in the Energy Bill 

Heaters and boilers need extensive regular servicing. It’s a fact that after a few years, they become energy wasters. Energy losses of 40% or even 60% losses are not uncommon in old installations, meaning that about 40-60p of every £1 spent on heating is effectively lost. This amounts to hundreds of pounds per year.   

Luckily, the situation can be reversed. Simply installing a new A-rated boiler provides a 90%+ efficiency for energy consumption. Redoing the insulation of the pipes, rooms, and other spaces further increases the expected savings of the energy bill.  

Increasing the Value of the Property

The ECO scheme often comes with the necessity of renovating the insulation of the property. Once the new boiler is in place, and the whole house is re-insulated, it becomes an energy-efficient home. 

Such renovations automatically increase the value of the property. Whether it would be sold or rented at a later stage, it would certainly get a higher valuation.

Helping the Environment     

Last but not least, there’s the carbon print intent. The government has invested billions of pounds to ensure providing deserving homeowners with reliable heating. In addition to relieving the environment from the excessive and unnecessary burning of fossil fuel.  


In Conclusion

Doing the paperwork for any transaction isn’t always a walk in the park. And preparing the right proposal could mark the difference between getting a new boiler for free, or getting rejected. At the very least, the correct approach could get you a generous subsidy towards replacing or repairing your old boiler. 

Here at Free Boiler Grants, we are committed to helping you throughout the process. We assess your eligibility status, walk you through the paperwork, carry out the installation, and follow up with safety inspections to ensure that the boiler is working fine.