Apply for a free boiler today if you are a single parent taking care of a child under 16

Apply for a free boiler today if you are a single parent taking care of a child under 16

During winters, heating your home can be costly, especially when you have a young family to take care of with perhaps just a single income. To help households with low income, who might otherwise struggle to heat their homes, the free boiler scheme was launched to assist them in reducing their energy bills and carbon footprints.

Low-income families, including single parents, are likely to be eligible for a free boiler grant if they meet the qualifying criteria. If you receive tax credits, then there is a good chance you could are eligible for a free boiler grant. Your application will be dealt with directly, offering you the peace of mind of knowing that you are dealing with an expert and accredited boiler supply and installation company at all times.


How do I qualify for a free boiler?

In addition to being a single parent in receipt of government benefit, there two other qualifying criteria required to access the government boiler scheme for single parents. These include:

  • You must be the homeowner in the United Kingdom.
  • Your boiler must be at least seven years old. This is due to the scheme assumption that it will be more beneficial to repair the newer models than replace them with the new boiler grant.

As long as you meet the above requirements and are a single parent with a child under 16, you are most likely eligible for the government boiler scheme. Applying for a free boiler is quick and easy at Free Boiler Grants because we know make it easy for you, so all you need to do is fill out the postcode on our website and complete the 60-second application form.


What is the benefit of a government boiler scheme?

Numerous households across the UK have taken advantage of the free boiler grant for single parents. It has helped many replace their old and inefficient boiler with a brand-new A-rated and energy efficient boiler that will have helped them save up to £300 pounds per year on heating costs. This is because many boilers that have been in operation for more than 7 seven years tend not to be particularly energy efficient. Many older boilers of this age may operate at around 65% of full efficiency, whereas a new and energy-efficient boiler usually operates at more than 90% full efficiency.

The saving does not end there, as a new boiler with all its associated guarantees and aftercare means that you are not required to pay the cost of maintenance, servicing, repairs, insurance, etc., for your boiler.