New boiler grants for single parents

Can Single Parents Apply for the New Boiler Grant?

A household that depends on the earnings of a single parent needs to make the best use of resources. This includes replacing old appliances by benefiting from a governmental grant and minimising heating bills in the process. 

Can single parents apply for the new boiler grant? Luckily, yes. And here’s the full scoop on how exactly to do that.


How to Tell if a Person is Eligible for a Grant?

Single parents who benefit from governmental support mostly qualify for the ECO3 scheme. They’re thus good candidates for having their old boilers replaced, or benefiting from other subsidies that decrease the upfront price of the boiler significantly. 

Here are some examples of government benefit programs that increase the likelihood of your grant approval. 

  • Child Tax Credit
  • Income-related Employment Support Allowance
  • Income-based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Universal Credit
  • Child Benefit

There are other benefits besides these, so you might want to check with Free Boiler Grants, to assess your situation accurately and to make your application to improve your chances of success. 

There are a few more conditions that all the beneficiaries of the grant should fulfil. First, they should be homeowners residing in the UK, as that’s the scope of the initiative. And second, the boiler should be aged or no longer in working order. An installation older than 7 seven years is often what’s considered for this grant.


What Are the Benefits of This Grant?

The performance of any heating appliance deteriorates over time. Its efficiency decreases, it starts to show faults, and it often needs more frequent repairs as it ages. This translates to higher running costs, and if you are worried about the expense, less use of your heating. 

By applying for and being awarded the new boiler grant, a single parent would be able to replace a troublesome boiler and get an A-rated appliance instead. These new boilers come with an efficiency of around 90%+, and it’s quite normal that they work at this level of efficiency for a good few years.   

The safety and reliability of having a new boiler definitely contribute to the family’s peace of mind. In addition, the more energy efficient boiler decreases energy bills significantly. The yearly savings could amount to hundreds of pounds, which can be redirected to the family’s budget. 

There’s an added benefit, besides the obvious domestic perks, which is decreasing the carbon footprint. Minimising energy losses certainly contributes to the wellness of the environment at large, and that’s an outcome we all aspire to achieve.


In Conclusion

There’s a very good chance that single parents can benefit from the new boiler grant. Being recipients of governmental aid places them pretty high on the eligibility list. If they’re also homeowners in the UK and their current boiler has been in service for more than 7 years, then they should apply for the grant.  

To make the process easier, Free Boiler Grants can assess the single parent’s situation and eligibility, all for free. We will help you with everything, from the application to installation and subsequent aftercare.