Is it possible to get the free boiler grant if you're not receiving an income related benefit?

Can You Get the Free Boiler Grant if You Are Not Receiving Any Income Related Benefit?

Household circumstances and budgets can change overnight, and not necessarily for the better. In today’s volatile world in the midst of global pandemic, companies can fold or employees can  be furloughed at a moment’s notice, creating a set of circumstances where people may or may not find themselves on benefits.

Quickly changing circumstances can often mean that people not previously eligible for a free boiler grant become eligible or vice versa. So, what does this mean for people who are not  currently in receipt of benefits?

There is no doubt that proper and affordable heating in a home is modern day essential, and it would be great to be able to replace old dysfunctional appliances at an affordable price, or at least cut down energy expenses for households. So can you get the free boiler grant if you are not receiving any income-related benefit?


Who Can Benefit From the Free Boiler Grant?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) scheme specified its intent since its launch in 2013, and it is “to support low income, vulnerable and fuel poor households”. That’s why receiving governmental income-related benefits from the government is indicative of qualifying for the new boiler grant.

It’s not the only way to pinpoint the deserving candidates though, and the following categories are presumed to be included in the scope of the ECO3 scheme, provided, of course, that they are UK residents and their existing boilers are in need of replacement.

  • Pensioners
  • Single Parents
  • Job Seekers
  • People with Disabilities
  • Veterans

Furthermore, the ECO3 initiative provides assistance to several households that do not qualify for a new boiler grant. 

From its launch in 2013 till now, the ECO initiative has helped hundreds of thousands of households in upgrading their heating systems. The program’s assistance extends to suggesting and subsidising methods that reduce the energy bill of these households. 

It’s worth noting that 15% of the measures are directed towards rural homes. So if that’s where your residence is, that’s a point that gives a bit more weight to your application.

In addition to the matter of eligibility based on income, let’s keep in mind the other conditions necessary for getting the grant. Firstly, ownership of the house is essential. And secondly, the existing boiler should be an aged one with more than seven years of service. The scope of the ECO scheme doesn’t cover newer installations or alternative living arrangements.


In Conclusion

The ECO3 scheme is consistently increasing its reach to provide proper heating and efficient energy utilisation throughout the UK. 

The free boiler grant stands out as the main benefit of this initiative, but there are several other gains. For example, increasing the efficiency of the heating system, which decreases the annual spending on energy significantly. 

Several categories of homeowners can apply for the free boiler grant. And if you’d like to know whether you’re eligible or not, you can get in touch with Free Boiler Grants. We provide a full assessment of your situation, free of charge. 

Free Boiler Grants will actually walk you through the requirements, paperwork, and application submission. And once your request is approved, we’ll be there for the installation and subsequent service inspections.