Free Boiler Carer's Allowance

Don't Claim Any Benefits?

Don’t worry if you or anyone in your household is not in receipt of benefits you could still qualify for a discounted boiler, click for a quote.

Carer's Allowance - Free Boiler

If you are in receipt of Carer’s Allowance then you may qualify for a FREE Boiler Grant to help you replace your old inefficient boiler. Thanks to the Government-backed ECO scheme thousands of eligible households could get a new boiler which would help them significantly reduce their heating bills.

The scheme helps people like you on Carer’s Allowance, and other similar benefits, by giving access to funding for a new energy efficient boiler in their home. It is available to eligible householders, including homeowners or private tenants, as long as someone who permanently resides in the household is in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits, including Carer’s Allowance. If this applies to you or someone in your household then you could soon be enjoying the benefits of a brand new boiler.


How does the Free Boiler scheme work?

The scheme is funded by the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers, with each making a contribution towards the ECO Scheme. The purpose of the Free Boiler scheme is to reduce carbon emissions and boost affordability for households by making the way they heat their home more energy efficient.

If you meet the following criteria then it is likely you could qualify for a Free Boiler Grant…

  • Receive Carer’s Allowance (or other qualifying benefit)
  • Homeowner/private tenant in the UK
  • Your boiler is 7+ years old 

The scheme provides for those who qualify to have a new boiler installed for free or at a fraction of the usual cost. The whole process is managed for you by us and we source our costs through the government scheme, meaning there is nothing additional for you to have to pay.


What is Carer’s Allowance?

You may receive Carer’s Allowance if you assist a vulnerable person who is already in receipts of one of a number of benefits. Typically you will be receiving payments for providing at least 35 hours a week caring for someone, although you do not necessarily have to be living in the same household as the person you are caring for.

Carer’s Allowance currently amounts to £67.25 a week and is payable weekly in advance or every 4 weeks. If you receive this payment then there is a good chance that you are eligible for a free boiler grant.


How will a new boiler benefit me?

Having a new boiler installed can make a substantial difference to your home. You’ll enjoy a significant reduction in the cost of heating your home, as a new boiler will be much more energy efficient. A new A-rated boiler is usually 90%+ energy efficient, whereas your old boiler could have been less than 65% efficient.

It is estimated that households who have a new boiler fitted could see their heating bills reduced by as much as £340 per year. This means that your home will be heated for far less and you’ll also be boosting the environment by reducing your carbon footprint footprint.


Claim your Free Boiler Grant if you receive Carer’s Allowance

If you receive Carer’s Allowance and would like to see if you can get your old boiler replaced, apply for a Free Boiler Grant today. Input your postcode and tell us a few details and we’ll let you know if you are likely to be eligible for the ECO Scheme.

Our service is completely free to use. We arrange everything on your behalf including your grant, boiler removal, installation and aftercare. We are fully accredited and certified home heating experts so you know you can trust our service.