Free Boiler For Job Seekers Allowance

Don't Claim Any Benefits?

Don’t worry if you or anyone in your household is not in receipt of benefits you could still qualify for a discounted boiler, click for a quote.

Free Boiler - Job Seekers Allowance

If you receive Jobseeker’s Allowance that is income based and would like your old boiler replaced, apply today for a FREE boiler grant. It’s possible you may qualify under the Government-backed ECO scheme.

Whether you are a homeowner or tenant in private rented accommodation, so long as one of you in your household is in receipt of JSA, help could be available to you which could help you get a brand new boiler for your home.


How does the Free Boiler scheme work?

Under the Government’s ECO Scheme, the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers are obliged to provide grants towards the installation of energy saving boilers for those who have boilers more than 7 years old and who are in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits. Boilers under 7 years old are excluded as the scheme considers that it will be more cost effective to repair your current boiler, than to have it replaced under the scheme.

If the following applies to you then you could be on your way to a Free Boiler Grant?

  • Receive Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Homeowner/private tenant in the UK
  • Your boiler is 7+ years old

Our fees for removal, installation and aftercare are sourced through the government scheme and its available grants, so you won’t have to pay out to cover our costs during the process.This allows you to get your brand new boiler for free or at a fraction of the cost.


How do I know if I receive JSA?

Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) is available to assist you when you are looking for work. If you are not sure what benefit you receive then check your benefit paperwork for the payments that you receive every two weeks.

For those on Income based JSA up to the age of 24, you will receive up to £58.90 per week; those 25 or over receive up to £74.35 weekly and couples (both aged over 18) will receive up to £116.80 weekly. It is possible that you may have been moved onto Universal Credit which is also known as the ‘new style JSA’ and could also 


What benefits and savings will a new boiler bring me?

There are many benefits that a brand new boiler will bring you. A new gas, oil or LPG boiler is much more energy efficient (usually over 90%+ efficient) and could save you up to £300 annually on your energy bills. You’ll find your home much more comfortable in winter and there’s the added bonus of reducing your own carbon footprint from reduced energy use. A new boiler also makes your home more attractive to potential buyers should you own it and be looking to sell in future.


Claim your Free Boiler Grant if you are on JSA

If you receive Job Seeker’s Allowance then make your claim for a grant which could help you receive a brand new replacement boiler.  Just fill in your postcode and confirm a few details to see whether you are eligible or not for a FREE boiler grant.

The service is completely free to use, we organise your grant and complete your installation as fully accredited and certified home heating experts.