Government grants for first-time buyers of central heating boilers

Government grants for first-time buyers of central heating boilers

Adhering to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme, the UK Government has made provisions for low-income households without a central heating system to install central heating boilers through free boiler grants. If you are looking for a central heating boiler, look no further. We will not only take care of the process of application and survey and installation of the boiler, but we will also conduct post-installation checks to ensure that the boiler is functioning efficiently and that your house is warm even in the harshest of winters.


The need for a central heating system

A central heating system consists of a boiler and radiators. Its functioning is quite simple. The boiler acts as a furnace, and the heat it produces is carried onto the radiators that are placed in various rooms by means of water. The boiler must be continuously running in order to maintain the high temperature of the water, which is pumped to the various radiators in the house to keep your entire home warm.


The benefit of a government boiler grant

The constant use of a boiler could lead to some really high electricity bills. However, using the government boiler grant, you can get an “A” grade boiler that is energy efficient and save on these monthly bills. The amount received as a grant is not repayable, and if you meet the criteria, you can get the boiler completely free of cost.


Who qualifies for the grant?

If you are wondering whether you are eligible for a free boiler, you will be happy to know that you will automatically qualify if you are a recipient of pension credits or if you are a member of a household that has an annual income less than £16,000. If you do not fall under above two categories but still receive income benefits, disability benefits, war pension benefits, child support, universal credit tax, working tax, etc., you are eligible for a free boiler under the ECO scheme. Go ahead and fill out the application on our website and verify your eligibility status so you can get a government grant for a new central heating boiler.


How to get the grant?

Availing the new boiler grant has become an extremely easy task now with Free Boiler Grant Scheme. All you have to do is visit our website and fill out a very simple application form with details of your property and contact address and location. Our experts will determine your eligibility to avail the grant. Once this is done, you can book a survey on the website without having to go anywhere else. The survey will be followed by the installation of the boiler by a certified engineer. We don’t just stop there, at Free Boiler Grant Scheme, we want to serve you in the best way possible, and this is why we do a post-installation inspection to check if the boiler is functioning efficiently.