Here Is How Government Boiler Grants Can Reduce Your Heating Bill

Here Is How Government Boiler Grants Can Reduce Your Heating Bill

Are you struggling with increasing heating bills? Your old inefficient boiler can be one of the main reasons behind that.  

You can significantly reduce your energy bills by replacing your old boiler with a modern, more efficient one, and you may be able to do that for free through the government’s ECO3 scheme.  

If you’re interested in reducing your energy bills, here is how the government-backed boiler grants scheme could help you reduce your heating bills.  

Old Boiler vs. New Boiler  

Boilers are heavily relied upon, especially in the winter, as they help heat up the water and bring warmth into the house. With that said, having an inefficient boiler is a sure fire way to pay a great deal more on energy bills than you need to. Not to mention that old boilers could potentially be dangerous. 

Let’s discuss the difference between your old boiler and the boiler offered by the ECO3 scheme. 

Boiler Efficiency 

An old boiler works at a low efficiency level of about 60% to 70%. This means that between 60%-70% of the energy used by the boiler goes to heating your house, whereas the rest is wasted.   

A-rated boilers, on the other hand, operate at 90% efficiency or higher. They achieve this by retaining the wasted heat and reusing it in their operation. As a result, such boilers are more efficient than conventional boilers. 

Heating Control 

Modern A-rated boilers feature advanced technology that allows you to control your boiler with your phone, making it more convenient to manage your bills. In addition, modern boilers can be used to heat each room separately.

How Does Replacing My Old Boiler Reduce My Bills? 

It takes a lot much more energy to operate an inefficient boiler. If you have such a boiler, you’re basically spending more than you otherwise should be on heating bills to achieve the same results that an A-rated boiler can achieve with less energy consumption. 

With a condensing A-rated boiler, you could potentially save more than £300 a year!

Replacing your boiler with a modern version is a great investment that will save you a lot of money in the long run. In addition, it’s much safer for your household and for the environment.  

Government Boiler Grants 

Yes, replacing your G-rated boiler can save you a lot of money on your heating bills, but it can also be quite expensive.  

Applying for a free boiler replacement through the ECO3 boiler grant scheme could help you get an efficient A-rated boiler for free. If your boiler is at least 7 years old, then you’re well on the way to being eligible for the grant.  

You also should be receiving one of the income-related benefits to be qualified to receive an A-rated boiler for free. 

To check your eligibility for the free boiler grant, enter your postcode on our website and we’ll confirm your qualification status. 

What Next? 

If you think you qualify to receive the free boiler grant, get in touch with us and we’ll assist you through the entire process. 

We’ll help you finish the necessary paperwork and receive your free A-rated boiler. We’ll also carry out your installation as well as provide you with solid follow-up services. 

Contact us at 0800 046 9928 to learn more about the free boiler grant scheme and how you can apply for it.