How can low-income families in the UK benefit from a free boiler installation?

How can low-income families in the UK benefit from a free boiler installation?

The ECO Scheme of the UK government aims at helping low-income families install free boilers that are energy efficient. This scheme intends to provide energy to low-income families and combat global warming by giving “A” grade boilers that have a much lighter carbon footprint. If you are looking to get a new boiler installed, get in touch with us at Free Boiler Grant Scheme. We will take you through the entire process of application and securing the grant and also ensure that a certified engineer installs the boiler on your property. Here are a few advantages of a free oil boiler installation.


Cut down on costs 

Oil boilers are typically more expensive than convention gas boilers. The rates for oil boilers range between £2,000 and can go up to £5,000. Households that earn less than £16,000 in a year automatically qualify for a free boiler grant. If we were to take the average price of a boiler to be £3,500, this would amount to over 21% of the annual income, excluding the installation and maintenance costs. By availing of a free boiler grant, families can have new boilers installed for free and cut down on costs involved.


Cut down on monthly bills

You can get an oil boiler installed free of cost by employing the government boiler grant. An oil boiler is much more efficient than a gas boiler as the water in oil boilers can be heated when the need arises. Additionally, the price of oil is much lower than that of gas, and oil is a much more energy-efficient fuel. This means that you will get a due return for the money spent. Further, the running costs would be much lower, which will help you save on monthly expenses.


Contribute to reduced Carbon emissions

Those availing free boilers from the government’s new boiler grant will receive “A” grade boilers that are energy efficient. Basically, this means that these boilers emit lesser Carbon content into the atmosphere than other grade boilers. The market value for “A” grade boilers could be range between £2,000 and £5,000. Low-income families might not be able to make such a large investment and might settle for a lower grade boiler to heat their homes. However, with the government’s ECO Scheme, all households in the United Kingdom can have the best grade oil boilers installed to collectively reduce carbon emissions.


The grant covers all expenses

The process of procuring a grant involves the submission of an application, a survey of the property, and installation. If you qualify for the grant, you can avail of all of the above services from the Free Boiler Grant Scheme free of cost as the grant itself covers the cost for the above services. All you have to do is fill out an application form with your details on our website or contact our team at 0800 046 9928.