How Do Government Boiler Grants Benefit Disabled People?

How Do Government Boiler Grants Benefit Disabled People?

As a scheme to help make heating the home more affordable and also benefit the environment, the Government’s ECO3 scheme benefits many people. Single parents, pensioners, and more may be eligible for funding under the scheme.

Yet, you might be wondering how the government-backed boiler grants benefit disabled people especially. Here, we’ll cover everything related to the topic. So, let’s dive in!

3 Ways That the Government’s Free Boiler Grants Benefits Disabled People

UK citizens who claim Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment may be eligible to get a free boiler. If you qualify then you will receive a new heating system installed by highly-trained and certified experts, ensuring maximum safety.

But, aside from that, how will a new boiler actually benefit disabled people?


Boilers that have been operating for more than seven years tend to operate at a much lower level of efficiency, sometimes as low as 65%. This means that you might be paying a lot for your energy without reaping the benefits that a newer boiler would bring.

Now, when a disabled person switches to an A-rated boiler under the government-backed scheme, they should get around 90% efficiency out of it. Therefore, less energy will be wasted when heating your home, saving a lot of money in the process.

Reduced carbon footprint

Installing a new energy-efficient boiler means that you’ll be using less energy to heat your home. As a result, each household will reduce its carbon footprint, which is part of the government’s plan to cut down on carbon emissions across the UK.

While this isn’t exclusively beneficial to disabled people, it helps everyone do their part for the benefit of the environment. If you care for the world we live in, which we all should do, then you’ll appreciate the chance to reduce your energy consumption when heating your home.

Quality installation

A new boiler or heating system will be installed by professional heating engineers. This is a huge plus because you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong when you can least afford the inconvenience.

Your installers will take care of everything, from initial inspection to installation andf aftercare. After an initial inspection at your property, we’ll help you with all the paperwork involved, including the grant application, to help you get your boiler installed. Even after the installation, we will provide the necessary aftercare, so you should have experience any issues.

The whole process should be smooth and easy, so it leaves you with one less thing to worry about. 

Apply today

The Free Boiler Grants Scheme helps people who may be disabled save money and reduce their energy consumption. A new A-rated boiler will have benefits for your pocket and the environment, making it a great choice in the long run.

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