How do you qualify for help under ECO Flex rules to get new boiler grants?

How do you qualify for help under ECO Flex rules to get new boiler grants?

The free boiler scheme aims to help low-income households that are likely  to struggle with the cost of heating their home, and at the same time contribute towards reducing carbon footprints across UK households. By giving grants to eligible households to replace their old boilers can help improve energy efficiency and reduce the costs of annual heating bills for eligible homeowners.

The problem in some instances is that some householders may not receive one of the benefits that would make them eligible for a boiler grant, and yet they would still be considered to be in ‘fuel poverty’. This is a situation where they were having to spend more than 10% of their income to heat their home to an acceptable level. ECO Flex rules attempt to address this by opening up funding to people who otherwise would have missed out.. 

How does the ECO scheme work?

The ECO scheme obliges the top energy suppliers in the United Kingdom to help people boost the energy efficiency of their homes. Low-income households can get help to replace their inefficient boiler with a new A-rated energy-efficient boiler which will help reduce energy waste and heating bills.

If you match the qualifying criteria and are on certain State benefits or Tax Credits, you can apply for a government boiler grant. The next step would be to start by filling the application by entering your postcode and other details here on free boiler grants.

What are the regular qualifying criteria to apply for a free boiler grant?

Various income-related and tax credit benefits potentially qualify an applicant for the free boiler grant scheme. These include some of the following: Child Tax Credit, Income Support, Attendance Allowance, Carer’s Allowance, War Pensions Mobility Supplement, Working Tax Credit, Child Benefit, Ministry of Justice Benefits and Constant Attendance Allowance among others.

Other qualifying criteria are that your current boiler must be at least seven years old, and you should be the homeowner of a UK property. If no one in the household receives any of the listed benefits, then you may be still eligible for a subsidised boiler replacement based on the information you provide.

What if I don’t meet the qualifying criteria?

If you do not meet the above criteria, it is also possible that you could qualify for help under ECO Flex rules governed by local authorities who can provide boiler grants for some low-income homes. Each local authority has different qualification criteria, so contact them if you find you are not eligible under the main government boiler scheme.

Under the ECO Flex Grants scheme, local authorities are able to designate households as eligible for funding under the Affordable Warmth Scheme. Each local authority sets their own criteria to decide who qualifies for boiler grants, but they will typically consider factors such as the age of the householder, their health and the type of property they live in. An elderly householder with a pre-existing health condition living in a poor EPC rated property would, for example, have a much better chance of getting a free boiler under Eco Flex rules.

Many local authorities may ask you to apply with us first before they will consider you under Eco Flex, so don’t delay and apply to Free Boiler Grants today. It only takes a minute and yet could save you plenty in the long run.