How Does the New Boiler Grant Help Single Parents Save Big on Their Energy Bills?

How Does the New Boiler Grant Help Single Parents Save Big on Their Energy Bills?

Keeping your house warm can often be a huge burden on single parent families, especially those relying on a sole income, because a large portion of your income goes on your monthly energy bills. 

But luckily, if you qualify for the government boiler grant scheme, you could save up to several hundred pounds every year! So how does the new boiler grant help single parents save big on their energy bills?

The government boiler grant scheme allows you to replace your old inefficient boiler with a new A-rated one. After installing the new boiler, you’ll notice a significant decrease in energy bills because your boiler will have a much higher efficiency rating.

Here, we’ll walk you through a brief guide about the new boiler grant and how much it can save you every month. Let’s dive in!

What is the New Boiler Grant Scheme?

The New Boiler Grant Scheme is a part of the ECO Scheme that is backed by the UK government

This scheme obligates the largest energy suppliers to boost the efficiency of the qualifying UK households by replacing their old boilers with new more efficient ones for free. The scheme aims at reducing the nation’s carbon footprint as well as helping those deemed likely to struggle with the costs of heating their home.

How Much Should You Expect to Save from the Boiler Grant Scheme?

Most aged and outdated boilers have a very low energy efficiency rating, which can in some cases be as low as 65%. This means that for every £1 you pay in your bill, you could only be getting around 65p worth of heating produced.

The A-rated new boilers offered within the Boiler Grant Scheme have an energy efficiency of usually about 90% or higher! This means that less than 10p is wasted for every pound you spend.

This might not at first seem like much. However, as the numbers add up, you can expect to save up to £300 by installing the new boiler, and the best part is, you don’t have to worry about the cost of the new boiler!

Do Single Parents Qualify for the New Boiler Grant Scheme?

To qualify for the new boiler grant, there are some requirements that you need to meet, which are:

  • You have to be a UK homeowner
  • Your boiler is 7 years or older
  • You’re eligible for one or more government benefits or allowance programs

If you’re a single parent who’s taking care of a child that is under 16 years old, there’s a high chance that you’re eligible for the new boiler scheme, especially if you receive a child tax credit or child benefit.

Additionally, there is a wide range of other government benefits that would also grant you the new boiler. 

To check whether you’re eligible for the boiler and save yourself time and effort, you can simply complete our application form by entering your postal code.

Wrap Up

With that said, you now have a full answer to the question “how does the new boiler grant help single parents save big on their energy bills?”

At Free Boiler Grants, we’re committed to helping you replace your old boiler with a new one to save on energy bills.Not only that, but we also have fully accredited and certified experts that will handle the installation process from start to finish! 

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