How can government boiler grants can reduce your heating bill?

How Government Boiler Grants Can Reduce Your Heating Bill

Have you been noticing a consistent increase in your energy expenses? And you aren’t even feeling as toasty as the bills suggest! So where is the discrepancy coming from? This often happens as your heating appliances become old and less energy efficient. 

Luckily, there’s a way to reverse this situation. And it doesn’t involve shelling out thousands of pounds to upgrade your heating system. The Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) scheme can subsidise this either partially or fully. Read on to find out how government boiler grants can reduce your heating bill.

What Does the Government Boiler Grant Cover?

Most applicants for the new boiler grant aim to have their old boiler replaced. This is, of course, a satisfactory outcome, but it’s not the only benefit that the ECO3 grant recipients can get. 

A new A-rated boiler is only provided under the condition that the old boiler is of such  an age that is not worth repairing. Boilers that have been in service for less than seven years can usually be maintained or repaired at a lower price. 

In some cases, the initiative also provides better heat insulation for the property. This instantly optimises the heat utilisation inside the household and decreases the unnecessary losses through poor insulation.


How Does the ECO3 Scheme Reduce Your Heating Bill?

An old boiler is like a leaking pipe, the water you’re getting might be less than the water that’s spilt and wasted. 

A new boiler often operates at an efficiency of 90% or more. This means that for every pound you pay, you get 90p heat and only 10p normal losses. A boiler that has seen more wear and tear barely works at 65%, which means that for every pound spent on energy, only 65p goes to heating and 35p is wasted through  the inefficient boiler. 

If you add up the savings that you can achieve by replacing the old boiler, you’d notice that it could amount to around £300 pounds per year. This is purely from the upgrade of the boiler’s operating efficiency. 

Further savings are garnered through the removal of repairs, spare parts, and service visits that will not be required with a new boiler. If the house is insulated together, which also contributes to personal wellbeing eventually.


Are You Eligible for a New Boiler Grant?

The ECO3 scheme has the clear intent of providing clean and effective heating to energy-deprived households throughout the UK. Provided that the applicant is a UK homeowner and their current boiler has been in service for more than seven years.

Several categories can benefit from this initiative, provided they satisfy the requirements of the scheme. From these eligible categories are the following: 

  • Pensioners
  • Single Parents
  • Job Seekers
  • People with Disabilities
  • Veterans 

In addition, if the boiler grant applicant is currently receiving income-related benefits from the government, that increases the likelihood of their getting the grant. Residents in rural areas are also among the included categories, as the coverage of energy needs in these areas was less than ideal for decades.


In Conclusion

It’s quite possible to reduce your heating bill by applying for a government boiler grant. And to make the process easier, it’s best to solicit the assistance of Free Boiler Grants. That way you can assess your eligibility and apply in the best possible way.