How old does your boiler need to be to qualify for a free boiler grant?

How Old Should Your Existing Boiler Be to Qualify for a Free Boiler Grant?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme started in 2013, with the intent of providing homeowners with energy-efficient heating systems. 

The previous phases were quite successful at achieving this ambitious goal. And it’s expected that the current scheme, ECO3, would expand the scope to include more beneficiaries. 

One of the main stipulations of receiving this grant is having an ageing boiler. So how old should your existing boiler be to qualify for a free boiler grant?


Replacement or Repairs?

Any appliance starts to very slowly degrade from the moment it’s installed. We’ve all seen how cars should have specific servicing after a certain amount of kilometres. And after a few years, they’d mostly need repairs. The same applies to boilers. 

A brand new boiler is often safe, reliable, and efficient. As time goes by, its performance deteriorates in all three categories. It’s normal after 5 years of operation to see the efficiency of the boiler going from 90% to 65%. This means that there are significant losses in the system. 

Replacing the old boiler isn’t an easy decision. In fact, it’s a pricey one, with costs ranging from around £2000 to £5000. It’s a heavy cost for homeowners if their boiler needs replacing or cannot be repaired.

A fair assessment of the boiler will usually be conducted. If it is of a relatively young age, and if the prices of repairing it are reasonable, then it should  usually be fixed rather than replaced. Often, boilers that have been utilised for less than seven years have a good chance of being restored with the proper maintenance.


Which Boilers Are Eligible for Replacement?

Boilers that have aged beyond economical repair should be replaced. Trying to fix these appliances might never bring them to a satisfactory level of reliability. And, they would still incur high operating costs. Not to mention the heat losses and the unnecessarily high energy bill. 

Boilers that have been used for more than 7 years are usually well-worn, and replacing them with new units is the wise and more eco-friendly course of action.  

The new boilers are A-rated units with the highest operational efficiency of around 90% or more. The slashes in the energy bill could amount to hundreds of pounds per year, not to mention the huge contribution to the environment by limiting the carbon footprint. 


In Conclusion

You might have wondered how old should your existing boiler be to qualify for a free boiler grant. It’s generally accepted that boilers that are over 7 years of service are good candidates for replacement. 

These boilers often have compromised systems that would be quite costly to fix. And even if they get an overhaul, their efficiency wouldn’t usually exceed 75%. There are also safety and reliability issues to consider and that’s why replacing such units is justified. 

To be sure whether or not your boiler can be replaced within this grant, you can get a free consultation from Free Boiler Grants. Furthermore, we can assist you with the paperwork, installation, and subsequent service inspections.