How to Replace your Old Inefficient Boiler with a Free Boiler in the UK?

How to Replace your Old Inefficient Boiler with a Free Boiler in the UK?

Is your boiler seven years old? Has it stopped functioning effectively? Are you considering a replacement? Do the high prices overwhelm you? Fret not, under the Governmental scheme Energy Company Obligation, selected energy companies have been entrusted with the duty to supply free boilers to eligible homeowners across the UK. This move has been adopted by the government to reduce energy issues in the nation and helping the reduction of carbon emissions. With these free boilers, homes across the UK can stay warm even during the harshest of winters. 


Is your boiler eligible for replacement under the scheme?

 To qualify for a replacement of your old boiler under the government boiler grant scheme, the boiler sought to be replaced must be over seven years. However, homeowners with inefficient boilers that are between 5 and 8 years can also be eligible provided that an engineer deems the boiler to be beyond the scope of economical repair. This basically means that the cost for repairs would amount to either more or the same or a little less than the cost for a new boiler. If this is met, the boiler may be deemed eligible for replacement.


You could automatically qualify for a free boiler grant

 You could automatically qualify for a free boiler grant if you fall within one of the two criteria mentioned after. Firstly, applicants who receive a pension credit automatically qualify for a free boiler under the ECO scheme of the government. Secondly, households that receive child tax credits also qualify for free boilers under the ECO scheme. The latter criteria extend to those families whose annual income is below £16,000. 


Get a free replacement of your boiler if you receive a combination of benefits

 You could qualify for either a free new boiler grant or a replacement of your free old inefficient boiler if you receive a combination of particular benefits. The three major benefits recognised by the ECO 3 scheme are Income Benefits, Working Tax Credits and Universal Credits. You become eligible for a new boiler under the scheme only when one of these major benefits are combined with any of the following conditions- you have a child under 16 or a child who is not pursuing higher education and he/she is under the age of 20, or you receive a disability allowance or pension premium or employment support over 60 years of age, or receive disability allowance or receive a Personal Independent Payment or have a limited work capability. This helps identifying applicants who are disabled, pensioners and single parents- the primary target groups of the ECO 3 Scheme.


Verify your eligibility and get the new boiler installed

 Certain service providers allow you to fill out an application form for free. This form collects data relevant to determining your eligibility, and once that is, they contact local installers and ensure that your old boiler is replaced at the earliest.