What Are the Top Five Benefits of Applying for Free Boiler Grants?

What Are the Top Five Benefits of Applying for Free Boiler Grants?

If you meet the eligibility criteria for a free boiler grant then you could be on the way to enjoying the many benefits that a new boiler can bring. So, what are some of the main benefits that a household can enjoy by getting a boiler through the ECO scheme? Let’s find out!

  • Save Money

The average price for a new boiler can be in the region of £500 to £2,500. If you’re planning on getting an A-rated boiler, which the grant offers, the price will most certainly be in four figures. The boiler grant will either bring you a brand new boiler utterly free of charge, or you may have to make a contribution, which still means you are getting a highly subsidised new boiler installation..

That’s not the end of it. If your boiler is old, this means it could be working with an energy efficiency as low as around 65%. Older boilers will naturally require more energy than a new one to give you the warmth you need in the home.

The overconsumption of energy isn’t just harmful to the environment, but it’s also not great news for your heating bills. In fact, heating generally makes up around 55% of what a typical household spends on energy bills, so the addition of a new A-rated boiler is definitely a worthy investment.

  • Get Ideal Quality

The boiler grant has got you covered on all fronts. It’s funded by the six major UK energy firms, and the replacement for your boiler will be of guaranteed quality.

You’ll barely notice any noise from a modern boiler since they are generally much quieter. And, in many cases they’ll give you a lot of extra room because of the reduced size of the boiler unit. Additionally, a new boiler won’t require frequent maintenance due to their new condition.

When it comes to quality services, you’ll be happy to find that your installers are just as reliable as the boiler itself. Professionals from Free Boiler Grants will survey your home to make sure you meet the required criteria, after which we will install your new boiler and provide all after-care services guaranteed.

  • Find Real Warmth

Modern boilers are designed to heat up faster and help retain heat for a longer time. While old boilers take longer for you to feel the benefit, whether heating your home or water, you’ll feel the heat from a new boiler much quicker. Get ready for that sought-after comfort and warmth in your home that a new boiler will bring.

  • Stay Safe

A damaged or not properly service boiler is a potential risk in your home. Carbon monoxide, or even the risk of an explosion, can be quite real threats. A new boiler will provide you with the safe and trouble-free heating you deserve, meaning you can be much more confident about the safety and reliability of the heating system in your home. 

  • Go Green

Looking out for the environment isn’t always easy, but this is a good opportunity to do your bit. A new boiler will use up less fuel than one that’s been running for many years, so you can reduce your overall consumption of fossil fuels.

A new boiler can also help reduce carbon dioxide waste, which is a major contributor to climate change. Efficient boilers can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of households by, thus contributing to the overall aim of a reduction in emissions. 

Now that you know all the benefits that come with a brand new boiler make sure you apply for your free boiler grant. Don’t miss out on all the snuggle-worthy warmth and financial benefits that a new boiler can bring!