What Happens After You Qualify For The Free Boiler Scheme?

What Happens After You Qualify For The Free Boiler Scheme?

The costs of heating your house can be huge, and if you are on a tight budget or limited income, then getting a new boiler can be a worry. Thanks to the government-backed free boiler scheme, now you can reduce the cost of heating your home by replacing the old inefficient heating system.

Under the government boiler scheme, it is possible that you could qualify for a grant to have the old inefficient boiler replaced without any charge and then begin to enjoy savings of up to  £300 a year.

What is the free boiler grant scheme?

Under the scheme, the major energy firms are obligated to provide grants for replacement boilers to those who qualify for the free boiler grants. The ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers offer the grants through the Government ECO3 Scheme, delivering you a brand-new boiler free or a subsidised cost.

This scheme is open to UK homeowners, and you can also benefit from it just like many already have. The government boiler scheme could see you provided with a provided a new central heating system installed, including a central heating boiler and control panels, radiators and associated pipework.

Under the current scheme, ECO3, the criteria for qualifying for the free boiler is that your existing boiler must be seven years old. Boilers under seven years old are excluded as the scheme regulations will be more cost-effective to repair the current rather than replace it under the scheme.

How do I know if I am eligible for a free boiler grant?

To determine whether you are eligible for a free boileryou must input your postcode and confirm the details, including the details of any benefits that you or anyone in your home may receive. We can then make checks for you whether or not you are qualified for the grant.

What happens after I qualify?

After submitting the details, it starts the ball rolling and meaning you are one step closer to getting a free boiler grant. After confirming the details, a member of the Free Boiler Grants team will give you a call to run through the details you have submitted.

If you are eligible for a grant, we will help you with your grant application and send out a member of our team to carry out an assessment at your property. We provide a thorough end-to-end service that includes everything from organising the grant, home assessment, installation, and aftercare, all through a single company.