What Is A First Time Central Heating/Boiler Grant?

Don't Claim Any Benefits?

Don’t worry if you or anyone in your household is not in receipt of benefits you could still qualify for a discounted boiler, click for a quote.

So, What Is A First Time Central Heating/Boiler Grant?

If your home has never been fitted with central heating then you could be eligible to take advantage of a First Time Central Heating/Boiler Grant. By applying today you could have your home fitted with a brand new boiler and central heating system for the very first time.

Under the Government backed ECO scheme you may qualify for assistance aimed at those who currently use inefficient means of heating their home. If you are eligible then you could be enjoying a full central heating system and much lower heating bills in future as a result.


Who are First Time Boiler Grants aimed at?

First Time Boiler Grants are intended for homes that do not have and have never previously had a central heating system. We can help households that have been solely electric powered for their heating and convert them to gas. Grants are open to both homeowners and tenants in receipt of certain qualifying benefits.

To be eligible for a First Time Boiler Grant you must be:

  • A homeowner/private tenant
  • Receive income-related benefits
  • Have no central heating system already

Tenants in council run properties, in housing association homes and householders living in shared ownership homes do not qualify for First Time Boiler Grants.


What benefits do I need to receive to qualify for a Boiler Grant?

To be eligible for a Grant, either you or someone living permanently with you, must receive qualifying State Benefits, Tax Credits or Other Allowances. This includes the following income-related benefits: 

Armed Forces Independence Payment, Attendance Allowance, Carer’s Allowance, Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit, Constant Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Guaranteed Pension Credit, Income-Based Job Seeker’s Allowance (JSA),Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), Income Support, Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit, Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Severe Disablement Allowance, Universal Credit, War Pensions Mobility Allowance, and Working Tax Credit.


If you are in receipt of one of these benefits then it is likely that  you qualify for a First Time Boiler Grant.


What if I don’t receive any qualifying benefits? Is there any way I could still take advantage of the scheme?

While you yourself may not qualify, if someone who permanently resides with you is in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits, we could still help. Any grant application would have to in their name and they must be registered with the Department of Work and Pensions at your address.

If you or anyone in your household is not in receipt of benefits you could also still qualify for a subsidised or discounted boiler. It is also possible that you may be eligible for a First Time Boiler Grant under ECO Flex Rules set by local authorities that provide grants for some tenants who are on low incomes and may struggle to heat their homes. This could apply to households who have to spend more than 10% of their income to heat their home.


What happens if I qualify for a first time boiler grant?

We handle the whole First Time Boiler process for you in a series of easy steps:

  1. Our in-house heating advisor books a convenient day to visit your home
  2. We talk you through the process and complete the paperwork
  3. A date is scheduled to complete the installation
  4. Our professional and courteous engineers attend and install your central heating
  5. We ensure any mess is cleaned up and taken away
  6. A post-fitting safety inspection is carried out on all central heating we fit


Will a First Time Boiler Grant help me save money?

One of the main purposes of the First Time Boiler Scheme is to help those households who may have inefficient heating in their homes and give them future savings on energy bills. Other methods of heating such as old electric heating systems can be highly inefficient and expensive to run, so it is inevitable that a new A-rated boiler and central heating system will make a difference.

A new central heating system will usually run at an energy efficiency level of 90%+ meaning that for every £1 you spend, around 90p will be converted to heat for the home. Older heating systems can have efficiency levels way below 70%. It has been estimated that a new central heating system could help you save as much as £300 per year on the cost of heating your home.


How is the First Time Boiler Grant Free?

Under the Government’s Affordable Warmth scheme which forms part of the overall ECO Scheme, it is the leading energy companies who are under the obligation to provide the grants for central heating to those who qualify. Our fees for installation and aftercare are sourced through the scheme and its grants, so you won’t have to pay out to cover our costs during the process.


Does a Grant cover all the costs of installation?

First Time Boiler Grants usually cover the costs of supplying and installing a central heating boiler together with all the pipework and heating control panels. In some instances householders may have to make a contribution towards the costs, but this will be made clear to you once the free survey of your home has been carried out.


What if I don’t currently have a gas supply, are these costs covered too?

It is of course possible that some homes that have never had central heating have also never had a gas supply. First Time Boiler Grants do not cover the cost of installing a gas supply to your home, but there is a possibility that other grants, especially from local authorities, may be available to cover the costs of hooking you up for the first time to the gas mains.

How long does installation take?

We understand that many of our clients will be eager to know exactly how long it will take for their new boiler and radiators to be fully functional in their home. Specific schedules can vary a little depending on availability of staff and equipment in your region at a given time, but in general, it should be no more than 2-3 months from the moment you apply through to completed installation.


How do I apply for a First Time Boiler Grant?

Homeowners and tenants who think they qualify for a First Time Boiler Grant should input their postcode on this page and then proceed to fill in the application. Based on the information you provide, we’ll get back in touch with you and let you know whether you qualify for a first time boiler grant.

We will arrange with you to visit your property to make an assessment of your current heating set up and will complete the grant application for you. With your permission, we will make an enquiry to the Department for Work and Pensions to ascertain that you receive one of the qualifying benefits. If approved, money will be allocated from the ECO fund to cover the cost of your installation.


Why should I use First Time Free Boiler Grants?

With over 15 years of industry experience, here at Free Boiler Grants we are perfectly placed to help you get access to grants that will help you get central heating installed in your home for the first time We will provide you with a seamless service that includes helping you with the grant process, home assessment, central heating installation and aftercare, all handled by us.

We have handled hundreds of applications on behalf of our customers and helped guide them

through the process of getting central heating through the ECO funding scheme. We know the scheme inside out will keep you informed during the process so you know exactly where you are up to with your boiler application. Once you are approved for a grant, we carry out a home assessment and then arrange your installation.

We support each and every one of our clients in getting central heating for the first time that will provide lasting performance and help them to save hundreds of pounds on their annual heating costs. All of our installers are trained to ensure each and every central heating system is installed swiftly and reliably so that you can gain the benefits of your new central heating as soon as possible.


By dealing directly with us, and not through 3rd parties, will ensure that the whole process runs smoothly for you. We oversee all of our boiler and central heating installations and guarantee quality. All our installers are fully accredited and certified to ensure that the installations we do are of the highest standard. 

On completion of your central heating installation, we will ensure proper clean up and take away all rubbish, so that the only sign we have been in your home will be your new central heating system! Our post-install central heating aftercare will ensure the smooth running of your boiler and guarantee you a warm home, hot water, and energy savings for many years to come.