Will the Boilers You Get as a Part of the New Boiler Grants Scheme be Energy-Efficient?

Will the Boilers You Get as a Part of the New Boiler Grants Scheme be Energy-Efficient?

The ‘Affordable Warmth’ section of the energy companies’ obligations allows for free boiler funding. This means you may be in line for a free boiler that’ll help you save money on heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Keep reading to find out if the boilers you get as a part of the new boiler grants scheme will be energy-efficient.

What is the ECO Scheme?

The ECO scheme is the government-backed Energy Companies Obligations scheme that obliges the largest energy suppliers in the country – Scottish Power, British Gas, E.ON, EDF, SSE and nPower – to provide free grants towards installing new boilers in eligible homes. This is to help make British households more energy-efficient and help cut down their energy bills.

This also helps decrease the cost of heating and contributes to reducing carbon emissions. If you’re qualified to benefit from the ECO scheme, you’ll receive a free boiler grant that could save you several hundred pounds on heating each year.

What Savings will You Make from Having a New Boiler?

A new boiler through the ECO scheme will be a lot more energy-efficient compared to your old inefficient boiler.

Some older boilers offer an energy efficiency of less than 65%, whereas a new A-rated boiler will usually have an energy efficiency greater than 90%. This means that less than 10p will be wasted for every £1 you spend on heating your household.

If you’re a homeowner, this will result in a drastic cut to your heating bills. In some cases, this can even generate an annual saving of more than £300.

So not only will your house feel warmer in cold weather, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that you’re doing your part for the environment by minimising your house’s carbon footprint thanks to the reduced energy usage.

Is Your Boiler Costing Me More Money to Run than It Should?

The homeowner boiler scheme was set in motion to provide eligible candidates across the UK with efficient and affordable heating. Our research has revealed that boiler models that are older than seven years operate only at about 65% of their full efficiency.

This means that for every £1 you spend on heating your household, as much as 35p is being wasted due to an inefficient outdated boiler. In comparison, a new A-rated boiler is expected to run at no less than 90% of its maximum efficiency, which translates into a loss of 10p or less per  £1.

How Can You Take Advantage of Reduced Energy Consumption?

To take advantage of all the financial and environmental benefits, you need to qualify for the free boiler grant scheme. Here are the requirements:

  1. You must be a homeowner.
  2. Your boiler must be at least 7 years old.
  3. You must be in receipt of one or more of the listed government benefits such as child tax credit and income-related employment support allowance.