Free Boilers for Pensioners, a Scheme by the Government

Free Boilers for Pensioners, a Scheme by the Government

Replacing your old boiler can prove to be an expensive affair. The ordeal costs up to £4000. This expense has proved to deter homeowners who are not financially well-off, like pensioners, from replacing their old inefficient boilers. The government boiler grants have stepped in and removed this financial liability from pensioners and have placed it on the major energy companies in the UK, and those who meet the requirements laid down by the government can avail these grants to replace their old inefficient boilers.


Conditions to avail the free boiler grants

The primary conditions laid down by the ECO Scheme of the government to avail free boiler grant are that the applicant should be a homeowner and the boiler sought to be replaced should be at least seven years old. The Scheme also allows homeowners whose boilers are within 5-7 years of age to avail the grant, provided that the boiler has been certified by experts to be so inefficient that repairing it would cost more than replacing the boiler. In addition to these primary conditions, applicants who receive income benefits like pension credits automatically qualify for free boilers. 


Receive A-grade boilers from the government 

The ECO Scheme aims to reduce the UK’s Carbon footprint. That is why applicants who receive free boilers under the Scheme are given A-grade boilers. These boilers have an efficiency rate of over 90%, as opposed to old boilers that record an efficiency rate of about 60%. The energy efficiency of these boilers also adds monetary benefits to the homeowners. Based on the rate of energy efficiency, one can calculate the money worthiness of the boiler. A-grade boilers use up over 90p for every £1 spent on them, whereas old inefficient boilers use up only 60p. At this rate, the monetary benefit of replacing your old boiler with a new one is calculated to be about £350 annually!


Pensioner not receiving pension credits

Pension credits are a government benefit meant for pensioners. However, not all pensioners are claimants of this benefit. Such pensioners, who do not receive pension benefits can still claim the new boiler grant under the ECO Scheme if they receive working tax credits and are aged over 60 years. 


How to apply for the grant?

If you are a pensioner looking to apply for a boiler grant under the ECO Scheme, don’t be overwhelmed by the process. Service providers take up the entire burden on their shoulders, and all you have to do is take 2 minutes to fill out an application with appropriate details. Once your status is verified, the service providers themselves apply for the grant on your behalf. Their services don’t stop here. They also contact experts who work in your locality to come to survey your home and install the new boiler. And all of these services are free! The boiler grant covers the payment for these services, so you don’t have to!