What are the Steps Involved to Get Boiler Grants for Veterans?

What are the Steps Involved to Get Boiler Grants for Veterans?

Did you know that under the ECO Scheme, you could be eligible for government boiler grants? Not only will you save the cost of buying and installing a new boiler but you can enjoy a big reduction in energy costs as a new unit will run at optimum efficiency. As a veteran, you may be eligible under this scheme if you receive other qualifying benefits. This scheme has been initiated by the Government and ensures that leading energy suppliers do their bit for the environment, by contributing energy-efficient units to households across the UK. Running and maintaining an old boiler could raise your heating bills, and it can also have a negative impact on the environment.


Are veterans eligible for free boiler grants?

If you have been working in the Armed Forces, you may be already eligible for different benefits, which in turn could qualify you for a free boiler. This grant also extends to your dependants. Some of these benefits include Veterans, people serving in the Armed Forces and their dependents may be able to claim a range of benefits in the UK, any of which could make them eligible for a free boiler grant. These include War Pensions Mobility Supplement, Ministry of Justice Benefits, tax credits, jobseekers’ allowance, Personal Independence Payment, child benefit etc. Many of these benefits and more have been covered under the Universal Credit. Apart from being in receipt of these benefits, it is also necessary that your boiler should be at least seven years old. It also helps if you are living in a house that has not had central heating before. 


How to apply for a new boiler grant?

Unfortunately, in the UK, many households may not be aware of this scheme. Even if you are aware of government boiler grants, you may not know if you are eligible to receive a free boiler. However, the good news is that there are professional firms that can help you in this regard. As a veteran, it is best to contact a firm that can help assess your eligibility, handle the application, install the unit and provide aftercare services. For example, there may be cases where an individual needs to contribute towards the cost of installation, while for others, the funding received covers the entire expense. A specialist will help you identify which category you fit into and will help you through the process from start to finish. 

Why struggle through the winter months with an old run-down boiler that doesn’t help your household or the environment. You can get it replaced, free of cost, through free boiler grants. Not only is this convenient, but it is very cost-effective in the long run. Professional firms also ensure that they clean up the space after installation and will get rid of the old unit. Therefore, if you are a veteran looking for better heating solutions, it’s time to apply for a free boiler.