Boiler Grants for Homeowners – An Important Part of the Government Free Boiler Scheme

Boiler Grants for Homeowners – An Important Part of the Government Free Boiler Scheme

The government-supported ECO scheme has helped thousands of households by allowing for the setup or replacement of a boiler that is at least seven years old. Free boiler grants are paid for by leading energy suppliers such as EDF Energy, Scottish Power, EON UK, Npower and British Gas. 


Should you apply for a free boiler?

If your application is approved, you stand to enjoy many benefits when you receive a new boiler grant. For instance, as a homeowner, you can save up to £300 every year, merely on energy expenses. Apart from energy savings, you also save the cost of insurance, repairs, maintenance and servicing, which are all required when you run an old boiler. With a new installation, you won’t have to bother with aftercare. Another important benefit is the fact that you reduce your carbon footprint when you install a new boiler. This is an environmentally friendly option which could lead to healthier surroundings. 


Are you eligible?

Government boiler grants have benefited over sixty thousand households in the United Kingdom. If any permanent resident in your household receives at least one of these below-mentioned benefits, then you may be eligible to apply for a free boiler. Some of these benefits include attendance allowance, working tax credit, child tax credit, severe disablement allowance, war pension’s mobility supplement, disability living allowance, income support, personal independence payment, etc. Currently, Universal Credit has replaced several of these benefits; therefore, if you are receiving this credit, then it is highly likely that you will qualify for this grant. Apart from this, it is vital that you are the owner of your home and that your boiler is not less than seven years old.


What happens after you apply?

When you qualify for a new boiler grant, there are two possibilities. In some cases, you may need to contribute to some of the cost. However, many households qualify to receive complete funding. There are reputed companies that will handle the entire process, which includes application, surveys, installing the boiler, and aftercare support. When you opt for such a service, you won’t have to coordinate with different parties, as you will have a single point of contact, right through the life of your boiler. If you are not eligible for free boiler grants, you don’t have to be disappointed. There are specific subsidies and discounts that you may be eligible for under the Affordable Warmth Scheme or the ECO Flex rules. This would apply, especially if you belong to a low-income household or if you are prone to health issues due to the cold weather.

To find out if you are eligible, it is best to contact specialists who can offer advice in this regard. Only then will you be aware of what is available and how you can benefit from government boiler grants. Why spend extra money when you can simply take advantage of this facility to get a brand-new boiler installed in your home.