How Does the New Boiler Scheme Help Homeowners?

How Does the New Boiler Scheme Help Homeowners?

In a move to combat the rising global temperatures and increasing carbon content in the atmosphere, the government of the UK decided to implement the Electricity and Gas (Energy Company Obligation) Order of 2018. This order puts on energy supply giants, three major obligations, namely Affordable Warmth, the Carbon Saving Community Obligation and the Carbon Saving Obligation. The energy giants are obliged under the aforementioned order to fund the installation of free boilers to people from low-income households under the Affordable Warmth scheme.


Understanding the Affordable Warmth Scheme

The Affordable Warmth scheme provides for two grants – firstly, for a Central Heating Grant whereby eligible homeowners can have central heating installed and the Free Boiler Grant whereby low-income and vulnerable households may receive free boilers or boilers at heavily subsidised rates. The primary beneficiaries of these grants are pensioners, single parents and people who are on benefits due to incapacity to work. In addition to free boilers, this scheme also allows applicants to receive subsidised boilers based on factors including their income, the type of property and the type of house.


Save up on costs and electricity bills

On average, replacing an old inefficient boiler costs about £2,000. For households that earn less than £16,000 annually, this cost amounts to over 12% of their annual income. This expense holds people back from getting new and efficient boilers installed. However, with the new boiler scheme, homeowners can avail free boilers without having to sacrifice what little income they receive. In addition to this, installing a brand-new boiler will help reduce the monthly energy bills by a whopping £300. 


The scheme also covers the application for free boilers

Not only does the free boiler scheme by the government provide low-income households with free boilers, but it also allows them to apply for the same without any cost. Various service providers allow homeowners to fill out application forms that verify their eligibility without any additional payment. The scheme has placed the obligation on the energy supply giants to finance the application for new boilers. Thus, nothing comes in the way of an eligible homeowner from applying a new boiler under the ECO 3 scheme of the government.


The scheme helps homeowners combat global warming

The governmental boiler grant is an environmentally sound scheme. One of the primary intentions of the scheme is to ensure that the UK’s carbon footprint is reduced. It is a known fact that an increase in carbon emissions can cause global temperatures to rise. It is, therefore, every person’s duty to ensure that carbon emissions are curbed. Inefficient and old boilers have a much greater level of carbon emissions as opposed to new, approved boilers. Households that cannot afford such an installation are being helped by this scheme so that annual income does not hinder a household from doing their bit for the environment. Get in touch with service providers to get a new boiler installed.