How Homeowners Can Get a New Boiler Under the Government-backed ECO Scheme?

How Homeowners Can Get a New Boiler Under the Government-backed ECO Scheme?

The Energy Company Obligation was implemented in the year 2013. It placed responsibility on top companies in the energy supply market, to fund the installation of free boilers in low-income households and in households that are vulnerable to the cold weather. Some of the eligible homeowners include pensioners, single parents, homeowners who earn less than £16,000 annually and homeowners who are on disability allowance and incapable of carrying out work or activities related to work. In effect, the scheme is meant to provide for those homeowners who cannot afford a secure and efficient heating system for their homes.


Homeowners can directly contact any of the energy giants?

British Gas, Eon, SSE, Scottish Power, Npower, EDF are some of the energy giants placed with the obligation of funding the free boiler grants under the ECO scheme of the government. Homeowners can directly contact these companies and verify their eligibility. Ordinarily, if the homeowner already has a connection with any of these companies, they will be informed by the company that they are eligible for a free boiler grant. If eligible, the company sees to it that a new boiler is installed at the property at the earliest.


Homeowners can verify their eligibility online?

Numerous service providers allow homeowners to fill out a free application form to verify their eligibility for a new boiler grant. The forms collect general data such as the name, address, contact information and postal code of the homeowner. Additional details regarding the property – such as the type of property, type of house, the number of rooms, the average age of the property and house on it, are also collected. The next set of questions on the form pertains to the age of the boiler, the issues with it and the current energy supplier. Additionally, the forms also enquire about insulation if any, because the scheme provides for heating insulation in homes that do not have sufficient insulation. After analysing the data collected, the service provider informs the homeowner whether they are eligible for a new boiler, and installation procedures are initiated. 


Homeowners can also reach out to helplines to get a free boiler grant

The ECO 3 government boiler grant extends to all homeowners in the UK and Scotland. If any of the above options seem overwhelming, homeowners can reach out to the help lines that have been set up to aid and guide homeowners to avail the benefit of a free boiler under the scheme. Homeowners in the UK can reach out to the Energy Saving Advice Service by dialling 0300-123-1234, the support team will help homeowners obtain the free boiler grant. Homeowners in Scotland can reach out to Home Energy, Scotland, available at 0808-808-2282 for a new boiler under the scheme. 

Once the eligibility of the homeowner has been verified by the energy companies directly, or through private service providers or the help lines, the installation of the new boiler will ensue immediately.