Where to Gain Assistance to Get Free Heating Grants Under the Boiler Scheme?

Where to Gain Assistance to Get Free Heating Grants Under the Boiler Scheme?

Global temperatures are at an all-time high. The authorities of nations across the world have taken measures to ensure that they combat these temperatures by reducing the Carbon footprint of their nations. The government of the UK implemented the Electricity and Gas (Energy Company Obligation) Order in the year 2018 to reduce the Carbon footprint of households across the UK by providing them with energy-efficient boilers through the government boiler grant scheme. This Order creates three obligations – Affordable Warmth Obligation, Carbon Saving Community Obligation and Carbon Saving Obligation. These obligations are placed on the major energy companies in the UK like Npower, Eon, SSE, EDF, Scottish Power and British Gas. 


Free heating grants through the Affordable Warmth Obligation

The government of the UK provides heating grants to vulnerable homeowners across the UK through the Affordable Warmth Obligation. This obligation involves two grants. The first grant offered under the Affordable Warmth Obligation is the Central Heating Grant which allows homeowners to have central heating systems. The second grant is the Free Boiler Grant which provides eligible homeowners with free boilers or boilers with heavily subsidised rates. These subsidised rates are based on numerous factors like the property type, the type of house and the income of your household. 


Who benefits from the heating grants?

The heating grants are aimed at homeowners who are financially vulnerable like single parents, disabled or pensioners. These households are eligible for free boiler grants if they receive Pension Credits or Universal Credits. Initially, there was a maximum annual income of £16,100 for availing free boilers prescribed by the Order. However, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial losses it brought about, the Order has been amended to provide free boilers to all homeowners who receive Universal Credits, a benefit provided to low-income households by the government, irrespective of annual income. 


The steps to procure a government boiler grant

The procedure for procuring a government boiler grant involves four steps. The first step is to determine your eligibility for a new boiler grant. The second step is to apply for the grant. The third step is to have your house and old boiler surveyed by an expert, and the last step is to get the boiler installed. 


Seek assistance to receive heating grants

The best way to go about receiving the grant is to enlist the assistance of service providers that take over the entire responsibility of replacing your old boiler with a new A-grade boiler under the government-backed ECO Scheme. All you would have to do is fill out an online application which will take less than 2 minutes! Once you fill out the details on the application form, the service provider will make the application for you and ensure that a certified local expert installs your new boiler. You won’t have to pay a single penny as the grant covers all of these services.