Steps to apply for a new boiler grant and the associated benefits

Steps to apply for a new boiler grant and the associated benefits

The Electricity and Gas (Energy Company Obligation) Order is a governmental scheme whereby households that have a low income are eligible for a free boiler. It is a move by the government to combat global warming and help in reducing the carbon footprint of households across the UK. Under this scheme, leading energy companies like British Gas, Eon, SSE, Scottish Power, Npower, EDF, etc. are obliged to fund free boilers for low-income households and vulnerable groups across the UK. This scheme which came into being in the year 2013 will extend until the year 2022. 


Step 1: Are you eligible for a free boiler grant? 

The first step is to check whether you meet the eligibility criteria laid down by the scheme. Firstly, the applicant must own a house. Secondly, the property in which you wish to install a boiler should be connected to the main gas supply. Thirdly, you should be in receipt of a combination of the following benefits – child tax credits, universal tax credits, income support, pension credits, working tax credits, income-related ESA and JSA. Lastly, if you are looking to replace a boiler you already have, you will be eligible if, in addition to all the above, the boiler you wish to replace is over seven years old. 


Step 2: Verify your eligibility for a new boiler

The next step is to verify your eligibility status. This can be done rather easily by filling out a simple online form. Numerous service providers help homeowners determine their eligibility and if eligible, help them get the government boiler grant under the ECO Scheme. The form is free and can be filled out in just 2 minutes. It is essentially a questionnaire that enquires from you relevant information like your postal code and address, name and contact information and details regarding the property like the type of house on it, a number of bedrooms, the age of the property, the age of your boiler and its type, details regarding any issues with the current boiler, details regarding current gas and electricity supplier and information regarding insulation (cavity wall and/or loft), if any, are asked. 


Step 3: Installation of a new boiler

 The information collected through the online application form is scrutinised by the service providers to verify if you are eligible for a new boiler grant. Once verified, if the applicant is found suitable, a local installer is reached to inspect the property, and the installation gets completed soon.


How is a free boiler beneficial? 

 Replacing a gas boiler or getting a new boiler installed costs about£2,000 on an average. Low-income families can save this money by applying for free boiler grants under the ECO scheme. In addition to reducing the fuel poverty across the nation, this ensures that no family uses an inefficient boiler which has a higher level of carbon emission and thus the free boiler grant reduces UK’s carbon footprint.