How to Get a Free Boiler if you’re Over 60?

How to Get a Free Boiler if you’re Over 60?

The ECO scheme of the UK government seeks to enable financially vulnerable homeowners to avail free boiler grants so they can replace their old inefficient boiler with highly energy-efficient boilers. This scheme seeks to enable every household in the UK to be equipped with boilers that are energy efficient and have a reduced carbon emission. 


What is the ECO Scheme?

The Environment Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme was implemented by the UK government in 2013. The scheme has two objectives- to reduce the UK’s Carbon footprint and secure fuel security in homes across the UK. Both these objectives are met with the free boilers that are handed out by the government under the scheme. The boilers are A-rated and have an energy efficiency rate of over 90%, ensuring that the Carbon emissions are significantly low. Fuel security indicates the ability of a household to afford the fuel (energy) required to keep their house warm. By granting boilers are granted free of cost to financially vulnerable groups, the ECO Scheme ensures that all houses across the UK remain warm, irrespective of their financial status.


Is my tax being used to fund the scheme?

Procuring boilers is not an inexpensive task. New boilers can cost up to £4000. Given this, you could be worried that the tax you pay is being used to fund this scheme. But this is not so. The ECO Scheme is funded entirely by major energy companies in the UK like Npower, Eon, SSE, British Gas, Scottish Power and EDF. 


Who can claim free boilers?

Free boilers can be claimed under the government boiler grants by homeowners who receive Pension Credits, Universal Credits, Child Tax Credits, Disability support, Income-related ESA and JSA, etc. The groups primarily targeted by the ECO Scheme include aged homeowners, single parents, disabled homeowners and homeowners with a low annual income.  


How to apply for a free boiler?

If you are a homeowner seeking to avail the new boiler grant under the government’s ECO Scheme, all you have to do is fill out a simple application form on our website. This takes hardly 2 minutes. Our experts will analyse the information you submit and determine your eligibility status. Once this is determined, we will apply for the grant on your behalf and assign an expert to survey your property. We will also contact a certified local expert to install your new boiler once the grant comes through. You won’t have to worry about expenses as our services are already provided for in the grant, and you can enjoy them absolutely free of cost!


What happens if you do not receive pension credits?

If you are over 60 years of age but do not receive Pension Credits, you can still avail free boilers under the ECO Scheme, provided you are a recipient of Working Tax Credits. Fill out the free application on our website to verify your eligibility now!