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Don't Claim Any Benefits?

Don’t worry if you or anyone in your household is not in receipt of benefits you could still qualify for a discounted boiler, click for a quote.

Free Boiler Grants for those on benefits

The Free Boiler Grants scheme assists householders who are on benefits to get access to funding which could see a new boiler installed in place of their old inefficient boiler. The scheme is open to both homeowners and private tenants so long as at least one person residing permanently at the address is in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits.

Funding comes from the Government’s ECO3 Scheme which distributes grants provided by the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers – British Gas, EDF Energy, Eon, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE – to  provide new replacement boilers at a fraction of the price. 

Qualifying households in the UK who claim one or more of the listed benefit types could be entitled to a free replacement boiler grant. If you qualify, then our team will manage everything on your behalf, from the grant application to removal of your old boiler, installation of your new boiler, and all aftercare.

In addition to being in receipt of benefits and being a homeowner or private tenant, your current boiler must be over 7 years old in order to qualify, since it is likely that it is still economical to repair a boiler that was installed less than 7 years ago.

Take a look below and see if you can find the benefit you currently receive and check out the page with specific information for you;

If you or anyone within your household receives one or more of the above listed benefit types provided by the UK government, then it’s likely that you’re in line to receive a Free Boiler grant. Even if you aren’t in receipt of any benefits, you may still be able to get a discounted boiler, so it is still worth contacting us.